Who we are

We are Frontera Parking

We offer maximum comfort, security and cleanliness in our car parks. Choose among the best locations to park in the heart of San Sebastián. Visit the famous La Concha beach, shop in the center or enjoy some pintxos in the old town with the peace of mind of having left your vehicle in the best hands.

Many years working with you

More than 50 years in the sector offering the best treatment and comfort in our facilities equipped with the latest technology

Our History

We started in 1970 with the COLÓN car park in the city of IRÚN. Since then we have been growing.

  • 1988

    In 1988 the first Modern Car Park in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián was inaugurated. The car park of the EASO square, next to the TOPO station in the old Amara neighborhood.


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  • 1992

    In 1992 the BUEN PASTOR Car Park was inaugurated under the cathedral in the center of the city. Carrying out a pioneering engineering work in Europe.


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  • 1993

    The year after the inauguration of the Buen Pastor Car Park, in 1993, the new AMARA Car Park was inaugurated in Pio XII square, a park and ride with reduced rates and free bus tickets to the center managed until 2017.


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  • ...-2019

    The construction and redevelopment of the ALDERDI-EDER gardens and the San Sebastián BOULEVARD gave way to the opening of more than 600 resident and 400 public spaces. One of the car parks with the highest rotation in Spain managed until 2019.


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  • 2007

    Another nerve center of the city was rebuilt in 2007. The SAN MARTÍN Market and its car park. The most central in the city and two steps from the KONTXA beach.

  • Today

    Currently we continue to improve our offer to be closer to you. Over the years we have been adapting our facilities with the latest and most exclusive advances, which will make your stay in our city a real pleasure.